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About Presidio.


Presidio Exchange utilizes its experience and relationships in the Californian and West Coast market place to offer insurance supply solutions to mid-sized and regional insurance brokers servicing ‘hard to place’ residential property.

We also recognize the need for specialist markets to provide alternative solutions to products where risk, value, location or loss history characteristics e.g. hard to place property, may restrict placement in admitted markets.

Presidio utilize ‘online quoting’ capabilities with sensible and simplified underwriting profiles to support and assist our brokers to be able to access efficient and effective insurance product solutions to meet their customers’ needs.


Presidio enjoys close relationships with Lloyd’s of London and other international insurers.

Our strong exposure and interest in international insurance market dynamics ensures we are kept abreast of market trends and new product and supply solutions. Our team has significant experience in working in the global markets of USA, Europe, South America and Asia Pacific.

Presidio’s insurance supply partners are chosen for their flexibility in underwriting approach to risk opportunity.

Experienced Professionals

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Experienced Professionals.

The cornerstone to Presidio’s success :
  • detailed knowledge of market supply and relevant issues
  • extensive underwriting knowledge and expertise
  • strong distribution base
  • focused commitment to fulfilment of our clients needs
  • group of highly experienced insurance professionals

Presidio is fully committed to successful outcomes and to our goal to be recognized for outstanding service and professional approach to our business partners.

Presidio Exchange’s strength begins with an expert team with experience and detailed knowledge of our market place.

Each of us take great pride in using our knowledge, creativity and resourcefulness to produce the solutions that work for you and your business.

Presidio has an extraordinary group of talented and experienced people who understand the importance of innovative solutions on a consistent and timely basis.

Strong distribution base

Presidio’s focus is to assist mid size and regional brokers to access specialty markets, in particular surplus lines supply solutions for regional insurance brokers.

Our group’s supply solutions respond to your needs for competitive pricing, fast quote turnaround times, broad coverage, and responsive claims management. As a result, Presidio enjoys close relationships with over 100 professional broking firms and groups throughout the West Coast of the United States.

We pride ourselves in understanding your needs and finding solutions that enable you to grow your own business.

Our Clients / Focus

Presidio provides insurance supply solutions to mid sized and regional insurance broking firms in

  • California
  • Nevada
  • Washington
  • Hawaii
  • Oregon
  • Colorado
  • Montana
  • Utah
  • Arizona

Our focus is to provide you with market solutions that enable you to grow your business and satisfy the needs of your own clients.

Our commitment is to provide innovative insurance solutions to your client’s personal and commercial exposures.

What is Lloyd’s.

LLOYDS OF LONDONLloyd’s insurance market has an unrivalled concentration of specialist underwriting expertise and every day, more than 50 leading insurance companies, over 200 registered Lloyd’s brokers and a global network of over 4,000 local coverholders operate in and bring business to the Lloyd’s market.

The business written at Lloyd’s is brought to specialist syndicates, who price and underwrite risk, via brokers and coverholders. Much of the capital available at Lloyd’s is provided on a subscription basis – where Lloyd’s underwriters join together as syndicates and where syndicates join together to underwrite risks and programmes. This kind of collaboration, combined with the choice, flexibility and financial certainty of the market, makes Lloyd’s the world’s leading insurance platform.

But in an unpredictable global climate, Lloyd’s underwriters must also rely on their experience and industry knowledge to cast light into the darkness ahead. Behind the Lloyd’s market is the Lloyd’s Corporation, not itself an insurer but an independent organisation and regulator that acts to protect and maintain the market’s reputation and provides services and original research, reports and analysis to the industry’s knowledge base.

Under one globally trusted name, the Lloyd’s market and Lloyd’s Corporation work together to protect your interests, promote economic growth and underwrite human progress.

High Value Homes Program.

High Value and Prestige Home Insurance
California, Nevada, Washington, Hawaii, Oregon, Colorado, Montana, Arizona and Utah

Eligible Risks
  • High Value Homes & Dwellings
  • Brush and Coastal Exposure
  • Construction/Renovation Risks
  • Custom Construction Types
  • Seasonal & Secondary Homes
  • Short Term Rentals
  • Mitigated Loss Histories
Features and Highlights
  • Special/Comprehensive Form Coverage
  • Extended 150% Replacement Cost Options
  • Generous Sub Limits
  • Flood Cover – Primary and Excess
  • Increased Ordinance or Law
  • Personal Injury Liability
  • Scheduled Personal Property

Coverage A – up to $20,000,000

Liability limits up to $1,000,000

Our Products

  • High Value and Prestige Home Program

High Value and Prestige Home Program

Eligible Risks
• High Value Homes(up to $20 million value)
• Seasonal / Secondary Homes
• Renovation/New Construction
• Brush / PC 9’s – […]

  • Vacation Rentals and Air BnB Program

Air BnB Home Program

  • Homes and condos
  • Secondary seasonal homes and primary homes with vacation rental
  • Airbnb and VRBO
    Increased ordinance or law 15%
  • […]

  • Vacation Rental Program

Vacation Rentals Program

  • Homes and condos
  • Secondary seasonal homes and primary homes with vacation rental
  • Airbnb and VRBO
    Increased ordinance or law 15%
  • […]

  • Presidio Exchange Course of Construction Program

Course of Construction Program

  • Ground up construction or renovation
  • Ongoing / part completed projects
  • COC transit and off site coverages up to $100,000
  • […]

  • Renovation and Construction Insurance

Renovation and New Construction

Features and Highlights
• Comprehensive Form
• 150% Replacement Cost
• Flexible Sub Limits
• Personal Injury Liability
• Schedules Personal Property
• Flood Damage – […]

  • Residential Apartment Program

Residential Apartment Program

Presidio Exchange currently oversee’s a substantial book of Lessors Risks – Apartments consisting of residential and residential above commercial properties […]




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Alicia Naiman – Tel: 1 925 588 9592

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